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It all started with the arrival of our founder Isidora de Solminihac K. from Chile to Los Angeles, CA
“In a big city like Los Angeles, there is no space for normal, people crave originality. This place taught me that the more YOU you are.. the more accepted you'll be.
When I moved here, I began acting school and one day I arrived to my class too early so I started wandering around the neighborhood and ran into a very cool store where you could make your own jewelry.  I found myself getting all these new ideas for necklaces. In the past, I had made jewelry to sell but this time it was different; these pieces were not for anyone but myself.
I made 5 necklaces that day and I don't know if it was the materials I used, the intention that I put into them, or a combination of the two, that gave me a feeling of empowerment every time I'd wear them.
An empowerment that made me start wearing different styles, more colors, more textures.
It made me want to talk to people that before I judged or wanted to stay away from.
I started exploring myself, and questioning everything I had learned until that moment. 
That opened my eyes to the point of seeing how caged I was. Full of inherited speeches and ideas.
Those necklaces marked the beginning of a hard but beautiful process of self love and discovery.
A process that I wanted to share with the world through the creation of
– Isidora De Solminihac K., founder and CEO of La Femme Unchained.
  Happy awakening!

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