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Jewelry was born to separate us. To show who is rich or poor, who is single or married, who is a prostitute or a lady, slave or free-living, religious, stylish or “boring”.
We wanted to change that and create a chain that frees you from the world's pressure and that helps you liberate your mind.
That sounds a little naive don’t you think? It is, because we can’t expect to change you or anyone, especially with just a necklace.
But what we can do... Is create a piece that uses the power of crystals and intentions to help you see with your own eyes what YOU WANT.
We all have chains that create a certain weight on our backs. A boyfriend, a dog, a belief, a car, anything really.
Don’t get it wrong, weights are great! They ground us and give us purpose when WE are the ones choosing them.
The problem is when we don’t. That’s when things get too heavy to carry. And that’s when it’s time to do some introspection and let the unwanted ones go.
That’s LA FEMME UNCHAINED. An empowerment tool that invites you to question:
Is the life you are living the life YOU want? Or, the life OTHERS want you to live?

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